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Coach Katie’s Home Video Studio Equipment Recommendations

  1. Lighting – Natural light coming from windows is magical.  If you do not have great natural light a ring light or attached phone light works great.  Here are a few we have found:
    10″ Light Ring
    Video Conference Light
  2. Backdrop –  Easiest and least expensive…Stand in front of a blank wall facing windows for natural lighting.  No blank walls?  Hang a sheet on a wall or closet doors (be sure to iron the sheet for a crisp, clean & professional look).  We have found all in one packages for backdrops that are easy to set up and travel with.  Here are a few packages that won’t break the bank:
    8X10 w/3 Backdrops
    8X10 w/Backdrop & Lights
  3. Camera – Today’s phones have AMAZING cameras and work well with recording and video conferencing. To help keep the phone still and you looking your best purchase a tripod or other device to “hold” the phone.  For the best in video conferencing capabilities, phone apps sometimes leave out certain things, use your computer and a high quality HD camera to have access to all things Zoom.  Here’s one of our favorite webcam
    HD Webcam
    When using your computer having a tripod/computer stand is a great tool.  It allows you to set the computer at different heights so you can sit or stand (standing is best).  Here is a great package:
    Computer Stand

Lastly, make sure you have a private, quiet space.  This will keep you and your audience from becoming distracted.