“Great people with positive energy, non-judgmental environment for kids & teens to feel safe opening up and growing new talents. My kiddo LOVES it all the time!” –    AFKT parent

Why is Acting so special for kids?

Aside from being just plain fun and entertaining, there are so many ways that acting lessons translate to real-life skills, whether you child wants to become a serious career actor or just enjoys it as a hobby. This is an investment for life, and nurturing this passion pays off in so many ways.

  1. Acting builds confidence! Putting oneself out there is vulnerable and frightening, but within our supportive community and our expert training, kids gain social skills they never thought they had and self-esteem is naturally built.
  2. It’s their own community. This is separate from their school groups, unique to them, a private interest they share with like-minded people.
  3. Presentation skills. Let’s face it, at some point in life, we all have to give a presentation, a role that ranks as one of the most feared in life. Acting and the mental preparation it requires will aid in any scenario where one has to perform in front of a group. Invaluable.
  4. Camaraderie & teamwork. No actor has ever been successful on their own—it’s a group effort with a team that’s working together in a troupe to create a successful scene and production. Life is a team effort!
  5. Using your voice. There is nothing more important than becoming a self-advocate and with the guidance and experience from acting classes, children will grow to understand what it means to be heard.

Why AFKT as your studio?

There are other choices for acting schools and we’d like to tell you why AFKT is really special in this competitive space:

  1. Kids are always in a safe space. It’s a core value from our founder Katie and every member of the AFKT team. You are free to be who you are, without judgment.
  2. All of our coaches are actually working in the industry, which is not the case for all acting coaches. This means you get real-life input from coaches who are actors, staying connected and current with all that is happening in the industry.
  3. Our focus is TV & film. Most local acting schools focus on theater, so if that’s not your child’s end goal, they can specialize at AFKT.
  4. Our model is Katie’s model. Founder Katie O’Grady has a very specific vision for her kids and families and her hands are on every piece of this journey. You will always get the experience and input from an award-winning multi-faceted artist who’s goal is to nurture and empower kids to realize their dreams.
  5. We help you navigate the business. We are a great resource for the students with a staff very connected to the industry and community of casting directors, writers, producers, actors and agents.
  6. An optimal space.  AFKT is a state-of-the-art studio, with a voice-over studio and audition space in the heart of one of Portland’s best neighborhoods.