Filmed: Auditions, College Applications, Demo Reels

Work with an AFKT Coach on your next audition, your college applications or clips for your demo reel.  Actors receive constructive coaching and an honest perspective to produce professional footage.

Filmed Auditions are becoming the industry standard for first auditions.  Put your best foot forward by working with an AFKT coach and film yours. Taped auditions include private coaching, filming & editing.  Actors receive the finished video that is ready for submission. Taped auditions are $115.

College application videos can include monologues, scene work and more.  Our coaches help walk you through finding the perfect pieces, coach you on best ways to create your character then record and edit the video for submission.  Package price depends on college requirements.  Please email for more information.

Demo reels highlight recorded work an actor has completed.  For new actors or actors needing to update their reel we offer great demo reel package.  The package includes:

  • A consultation with an AFKT coach to pick pieces to record, reviewing any client provided footage if any and answer any questions. (one hour)
  • Up to 3 Recording sessions –  one hour each. 
    1. A brief who am I?
    2. Commercial 
    3. TV sides/Comedy
    4. Film/Drama
  •  Sessions are edited and clipped together for the final product. Up to two client input edit updates included
  • Client to include headshot and any outside footage.
  • Total package $495

Already have your footage?  We can use existing footage and edit it into a professional demo reel.  Editing services for a 1-4 minute reel is $175.

To reserve a session, please call 971.708.2127 or email