It All Begins With The Work!

Katie O’Grady is founder and owner of Acting for Kids & Teens, a studio she started in 2008 as a safe place for kids to express themselves and explore their creativity. She is a fifth generation Oregonian with Irish roots and over 20 years on sets in every capacity from actor, director, producer, screenwriter and more.

Katie is also an Emmy award-winning director, actress, writer and producer. She can be seen on major network roles (Netflix, NBC, IFC, Showtime), is cast for regular commercial work and has made her way through the indie film festivals circuit.  See a full list of her work on her Team page bio.

Committed to nurturing a community where the whole family is included, Katie helps guide her parents through the child’s acting journey.

With the AFKT staff, she dives into each student’s needs and believes in uncovering every person’s individual strengths. She intentionally surrounds herself with creative, open, and current professionals both at the studio and in her network, and works hard to pair people so they can actualize their dreams. Katie has introduced her kids to some of the top coaches, TV/Film actors, producers and guests in the industry with placement on Disney, Nickelodeon, Leverage, Portlandia, Grimm, and more.

Katie is proud to mentor the next generation of artists in following their passions in a safe, loving place where everyone is welcome.