When an actor is ready to propel their acting career forward, they must not only demonstrate their artistry but also understand that they are now a business. Our Acting for Kids & Teens coach works closely with parents and young actors who are committed to becoming a professional actor on how to best manage the business of being an actor, create goals and a road map for their career.

Our coaches have extensive experience in the TV and Film industry and understands the creative vision required to become a professional actor and make sure an artist’s work is recognized and celebrated. Constructive feedback is provided.

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Areas for discussion include:

  • Your unique acting style, niche and target projects and opportunities
  • Additional training required so you can confidently present yourself to talent agents and casting directors
  • Industry Standard headshot, resumes and reels.
  • The art of auditions, booking gigs and on-site etiquette
  • Online presence and self promotion: website, demo reel, clips, YouTube/Vimeo, social media profiles, IMDB, etc
  • How to manage an active social media presence and build your list
  • How to build relationships and trust with potential casting directors, talent agents, directors and industry professionals
  • How to work with casting offices, agents, managers and publicists
  • Union representation
  • The costs of acting and career in this Industry
  • Money management and reinvesting in your business
  • Multiple revenue streams from commercials, to movies to voice over work