Acting for Kids & Teens wants to bring all aspiring actors the opportunity to get amazing training and be part of our community, no matter where you live. We have several opportunities for actors to learn virtually.

Train @ Home w/Katie

Katie’s mission was to create a clear-easy to use on-line acting program that anyone who is interested in learning to act for TV & Film could use. You can take it anywhere and continue to revisit any aspect of the course forever.

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Private Acting Classes

Schedule a private acting session or career consultation with Katie O’Grady. She will provide guidance, honest & productive feedback so your acting is portrayed as natural and un-coached.

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Whether you are an experienced actor or just wanting to find a space to be creative, Acting for Kids & Teens would love to have you part of the group. Be sure to join our email list so you can learn more about our programs, upcoming virtual events and classes.