Policies & FAQs

New Students

If you are a new student, please read our New Student Forms and visit our FAQs page.


Ongoing Classes:  Registration for our on-going classes are open and you can join anytime.  

  • Monthly $195 per month, charged to your credit card on the first of each month, with a “rolling” enrollment.  Meaning once you register we will continue to charge your card and keep your student on the roster unless you provide written notice by the 20th of the month for the next month’s classes.  Cancellation notices received after the 20th of the month will be processed for the following month, ie, cancellation notice received October 27, cancellation will be extended to December 1, with tuition for November charged on November 1. Mid-month registration will be pro-rated. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.

Scholarships: We do have a small scholarship fund.  Scholarships are awarded based on need.  AFKT does not discriminate based on race, gender or age.  Please download the scholarship application.  Email the signed application and essay to info@actingforkidsandteens.com.

Workshops: Our workshops are very popular so register early! Some workshops offer payment plan options.  You can select to pay-in-full or take advantage of the payment plan. Payments towards workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Gift Certificates: We offer e-gift cards that can be purchased online in any amount.

Release Forms

When registering, you will be prompted to acknowledge our Release Forms. These are required.  If you have any questions, please call 971.708.2127 or email info@actingforkidsandteens.com.


Due to current safety procedures please drop off your child and return for pick-up when class is over. If you are running late, you are required to call 971.708.2127.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Please be on time. You will be billed $15/15 minute increments should you be late. If you are running late, you are required to call 971.708.2127. This is a safety issue. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Script Copies

Students are provided printed scripts in Ongoing Classes, Workshops and Industry Showcase. Many times students or parents forget their scripts. We will provide an additional copy at no extra cost. Future copies will be billed at $2/copy at the end of each month.

Make-Up Classes and Workshops

Workshops:  If a student misses a workshop they are allowed to use it as a credit toward another workshop within that same calendar year. If make-up workshops are habitually missed more than three times, the tuition is forfeited.

Ongoing Class Cancellation

To cancel enrollment for Ongoing Classes, a cancellation request is required, in writing, by the 20th of each month. Please complete the following online cancellation form. We are always sorry to see students leave the community.  We would love any feedback about your experience and explanation as to why are canceling.  Please email info@actingforkidsandteens.com  or call to discuss your thoughts.

Inclement Weather

In the event of bad weather, we typically follow public school closures. If schools are closed due to weather we will move our classes to our on-line platform. We will also make announcements on our public Facebook page and send out an email announcement. If you are unsure, please call 971.708.2127 or email info@actingforkidsandteens.com.

Acting for Kids & Teens student group

What is an acting class like?

Such a great question.  We spend time getting to know each other so everyone feels they can be their best creative selves and be supported.  Student actors will spend time learning fun acting games.  These games help you get out of your “head” and into the mode of acting.  Depending on the theme or events of the week student actors will spend time working with scenes from TV/Film, practicing auditioning in front of the camera, learning specific acting techniques and more.

What class is best for you?  Take our quiz

Do you offer drop in or trial classes?

At this time we do not offer drop-ins classes.  We compare it to taking just one piano lesson or one French class, you do not really learn much and the experience can be a bit overwhelming. We have had students tell us the first class was fun but it was the second class that really got them hooked. We have so many options to try classes including one day workshops or our 6 week Intro to Acting series.

What if my student actor misses a class?

We have a very flexible make-up policy. If a student misses a class we encourage them to take advantage of make-up classes. They need to take a makeup class within three months of the missed class. Make-ups are forfeited if the student is no longer enrolled in on-going classes. Habitually missed classes will result in a discussion to determine the student’s commitment to Ongoing Classes. Due to the state mandate of only 10 students per class make-up’s may need to be taken via one of our on-line classes.

My child really wants to be on TV and in movies, how do we get an agent?

Portland has a lot of great talent agents.  Each has their own submission requirements.  Here are a few:

Q6 TalentActors in Action

Option Model & Media

Ryan Artist

Actors in Action

Zuri Model & Talent

A reputable agent WILL NOT ask for any money to register to be on the roster.  Agents get paid when their Talent books a job.

My child doesn’t have an agent, can they still submit for roles?

Yes! Casting directors will occasionally post for upcoming auditions on their website and social media.  A couple of local casting agents are:

Weeble Mountain

Simon Max Hill

Cast Iron Studios


My child want to do voice over.  Do you have classes for that?

Yes, we offer one day to 6 weeks series for voice over.  These workshops cover everything to know about VO.  Check out our Workshops page to see when the next VO workshop is.  The one thing to always remember….Voice Over is ACTING so taking acting classes is very important. Taking one of our ongoing classes is highly recommended.

Our schedule doesn’t work for ongoing classes.  What can we do?

Workshops & Summer camps are the way to go.  Check out our Workshop page to see our most up-to-date schedule.

How do I cancel our ongoing acting classes?

We understand schedules and interests change.  For families who register for our monthly on-going classes we require cancellation notice by the 20th of the month. Use the online cancellation form to alert us you will no longer be taking class. For families who register for the entire semester you are committed through the end of the semester.  No refunds or prorates will be provided for early cancellation.

Acting for Kids & Teens young new students

New Student Info

Acting for Kids & Teens is Portland’s premier acting studio for kids of all ages. Our Ongoing Classes and Workshops focus on TV, Film & Auditioning. From intro-level work to master classes, Coach Katie O’Grady and her team train students on a variety of techniques and styles. While our Studio specializes in Meisner, we also incorporate Suzuki, Sense Memory, and Improv techniques into the student experience.

Our coaches spend quality time consulting, mentoring and walking kids and parents through the professional and emotional world of being an artist. All of our kids are held to a high standard professionally, in their personal lives and academically. Many of the kids training at the studio are working actors but some are brand new. Because our Classes and Workshops are ongoing, students can join at any time. This is a safe, loving place where everyone is welcome!

Instructions for new students:

Step 1: Select the class that best works in your schedule & register

Step 2: Review & acknowledge the registration waivers and check-out

Ongoing Classes: automatic payments are posted on the 1st of each month. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.

Workshops: Some workshops offer payment plan options.  You can select to pay-in-full or take advantage of the payment plan. Payments towards workshops are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Step 3: Join our mailing list and stay up to date with AFKT! You will be the first to know about special guests, tours, events, opportunities and Workshops before they are shared across social media.

Step 4: Please let us know if your kid or teen has any special requirements or needs to be taken into consideration. These would include mental health, developmental, behavioral issues, challenging family situations or allergies. We make every student’s mental and physical safety a priority. Please email or call us with information that will be helpful for our staff to know.

We look forward to meeting you! Should you need assistance or have questions, please contact our Program Director, Jessica More, at 971.708.2127 or info@actingforkidsandteens.com.

Class watching student performance

Release Forms are required at the time you register for Ongoing Classes or Workshops. You will be prompted to initial each section when you are checking out. The forms can be downloaded and read here NEW STUDENT FORMS

Should you choose not to sign the waivers, your student will not be able to participate in classes and workshops. If you have any specific questions please call 971-708-2127


Please call 971.708.2127 or email info@actingforkidsandteens.com.

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