On-Going Acting Classes – Registration is OPEN!

At AFKT we teach acting for TV & Film specifically. Our weekly ongoing acting classes use a combination of games/activities and focused scene work that will teach the fundamentals of acting for TV & Film. We will cover everything from character development, how to create original material, improv and study TV/Film auditioning techniques and etiquette. Our classes center around developing truthful characters, listening to the work and each other, and creating an open space for our young artists to shine. Classes are grouped by age and are perfect fit for experienced and novice creators! New students are welcomed any time. 

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7 - 11 yrs

For the younger actor who can’t wait to get in front of the camera and explore their inner creative artist! Great for confidence building, free-flowing creativity and getting comfortable with performing. All Levels. LEARN MORE

11 - 14 yrs

This class focuses on TV/Film scenes from favorite shows that 11 – 14 kiddos will love performing. All levels will find their way to the beginnings of an acting career and being a lifelong artist. This class is power packed with artistry! LEARN MORE

Teens 13+

Whether you are an experienced actor or have been dreaming of acting, our teen acting classes offer the opportunity to deep dive into the world of acting. Everything from TV/Film scene study, improv to learning to work as an ensemble. Not to be missed! LEARN MORE

Acting Camps & Events

Don’t have time for weekly classes or want to add on to your AFKT training? We offer on-going workshops and events (many free) that help support and supplement your creative endeavors and help bring a reality and encouragement to the work. Come on in…the water is fine! LEARN MORE

Private Acting Sessions

Feeling like you want to slow down and get a handle on this acting stuff? Maybe you want to analyze your script or break down goals for your career? Schedule a private acting session with one of our professional acting coaches. You will LOVE working one-on-one and getting specific with your questions. We are always here! In-person or online. LEARN MORE