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Actor Tip – Read a Script

Reading scripts is a great way to “look” behind the scenes of your favorite tv, movie or play.  Let you mind wonder about each character; who are they? where are they? what do they want? Create their back story. Compare your idea of the script to what the director did.  Does it match?  What would you do different?

Download this Script Analysis document.  Use it when reading your favorite film.

Stranger Things

In March of 2020 Coach Kurt offered a free online class focusing on script analysis of the first episode of Stranger Things. Take some time  to dive deep into the script and learn about the different ways to interpret the writing.

Download the script HERE
Watch the video HERE

There are a ton of places to find your favorite scripts.  All you need to do is google the title of the film, show or play.  Something to consider.  Free scripts have often been transcribed and so will lack proper formatting and possible misspellings.  Additionally some will have alternate endings than what the actual movie or show.  This can be fun though to see which ending you might like better.  We have found pretty good luck with these websites:
Script Savant

Here are some of our favorite scripts:

Breakfast Club (teen/adult)
Stand By Me
10 Things I Hate About You
The Royal Quest – Written & Directed by Coach Katie O’Grady!  Watch it HERE
Stranger Things – Watch along with Coach Kurt during his script analysis on-line class

The Witches