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Next Level Auditioning Workshop

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Zoom Auditioning Workshop - Katie O'Grady & Eryn Goodman

May 7, 2022
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Eryn Goodman, Casting Director with Cast Iron Studios (Grimm, Wild, American Vandal) teams up w/ Katie O’Grady (Metal Lords, Portlandia, Grimm) to help you push through the fears of a Zoom audition and help you make strong choices that will get you noticed!

    • How do you show up prepared with little to no information? Making strong choice on Zoom
    • Perform a scene with CD feedback
    • The infamous “Tell us about you” question

Eryn and Katie will also cover:

    • Mistakes actors make
    • How to make a casting director’s job easier
    • When to take risks and when to keep it simple

Eryn Goodman will be hosting mock auditions and providing individual feedback.

*This workshop is a learning opportunity, and not considered an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director will not take, nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other promotional materials


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