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Happy Birthday Sanford Meisner

By August 31, 2018December 11th, 2020No Comments

Why do we use the Meisner technique as our foundation?

I trained with Laurel Smith as an up and coming actress in Portland and she had trained directly under Meiser as an actress herself in New York City. The basis of his philosophy is THE ABILITY TO LIVE TRUTHFULLY UNDER IMAGINARY CIRCUMSTANCES. What does this mean to AFKT? It means we are in pursuit of truth at all times and explore our imagination around that truth. We do bring in several other inspirations and techniques but always we train to “listen and answer” a Meisner based philosophy.

Fun Meisner Facts:
He originally studied piano at Julliard
His Father made him quit Julliard to help at their family business in the Garment Dist.
He could listen to his student’s scenes with his eyes closed and evaluate their truth.
He started as an extra
He created one of the most used acting techniques to this day.

I encourage you to learn more about Sanford Meisner and how his techniques are used by thousands of actors around the world.

Coach Katie