When you aren’t hanging out at AFKT, what do you like to do? I like to read, sing, watch movies, and (try) to write novels

Who is your favorite movie actor or character in a tv show that you like to watch? and why? I love Audrey Hepburn! She was not only an amazing and beautiful actress but she worked with UNICEF as well. I also look up to Millie Bobby Brown because she is around my age and has already had so much success and is an outstanding actress!

What other interests or special talents do you have? I’m learning piano and French. I can speak fluent Spanish as well.

What animal do you most relate to? and why? Probably a cat because if I could, I would lay around and sleep all day.

In two sentences, tell us about your best memory of all time. I got to go to Disneyland with my grandma and some of my cousins!

Coach/Staff Comments – Kyla is a great student. She shows up every week determined, focused and ready to work. She has a wonderful strength that she brings to her work. Kayla has her eyes on the prize and the a great work ethic.