When you aren’t hanging out at AFKT, what do you like to do? I like to draw and snowboard. At home I play VR and design roller coasters.

Who is your favorite movie actor or character in a tv show that you like to watch? and why? I don’t have a favorite show but I like to watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

What other interests or special talents do you have? I like to draw cartoons on my computer and on paper. I also play guitar and snowboard.

What animal do you most relate to? and why? I like sharks, specially the Frilled Shark because it looks a little weird but also happy. I relate to that.

In two sentences, tell us about your best memory of all time. I once went to this theme park called Silverwood and they have a really fun wooden roller coaster there called Tremors. It’s really fast and intense, and my mom was scared.

Coach/Staff Comments – Even if he has had a rough day Emery comes to class and tries his best and I respect that.