When you aren’t hanging out at AFKT, what do you like to do? Hanging out with friends, playing games, watching tv and listen to music I love

Who is your favorite movie actor or character in a tv show that you like to watch? and why? Right now I couldn’t pick a favorite character because I love so many but at the moment I really like Katarina and her depth from the show Spinning Out on Netflix.

What other interests or special talents do you have? I like things such as origami and puzzles because I get to see how such a simple thing like a piece of paper or just a bunch of scattered pieces of cardboard can come together and mold into something whole and beautiful.

What animal do you most relate to? and why? I relate to Dolphins in the way that they’re traveling through the ocean like I travel through my thoughts.

In two sentences, tell us about your best memory of all time. It’s probably the last day in outdoor school when they were announcing this one award like thing that only 4 people got and I had practically convinced myself that I wasn’t going to get it so when they called my name my heart just leapt with joy and surprise.

Coach/Staff Comments – Davis always asks how I’m doing and he always come into the studio with a positive attitude. He also is very quiet and hardworking in class and puts his all into a scene.