Meet Windsor W.

When you aren’t hanging out at AFKT, what do you like to do? Acting is my favorite thing and I hope to be in a movie again because I loved that experience so much. In my free time I love to play Monopoly with my family (when I manage to convince them) !!! which is never often enough! I l also enjoy Minecraft with friends, Volleyball is my favorite sport …now if only I could find a team! sigh…

Who is your favorite movie actor or character in a tv show that you like to watch? and why? I like Dwayne Johnson because he can be nice, mean, strong, vulnerable, mysterious…anything really.

What other interests or special talents do you have? I play the piano. I am learning faster than my hands can handle so I need to be patient. I am also pretty fluent in French

What animal do you most relate to? and why? That is hard. I would say that maybe Geese since I am able to go with the flow. but I have my own opinions and goals. So maybe I would probably be on the 3rd front line of the flock formation. Not top bird yet, but definitely making decisions.

In two sentences, tell us about your best memory of all time. One of my favorite memories is working on my first movie this summer. Going on location for a few days. Eating snacks I normally don’t get, having my trailer, hanging out with my mom and all the people that were super nice. I loved it!