One must go on,
on ’til one can go no further…
and even go beyond that!
- Eleonora Duse

Actor, Director, Producer

Coach Katie

Actor & Voice Over Expert

Coach Eric

Coach, Actress

Coach Erin

Coach, Actor

Coach Jason

Coach, Front Desk, Actress

Coach Sarah

Actor & Acting Coach

Coach Sonya

Coach, Actress

Coach Jen

Front Desk, Actress

Hailee More

Director of Programming

Jessica More

AFK&T Social Media Marketing, Front Desk & Stage Actor

Kilee Rheinsburg

Guest Instructors

We are fortunate to be working with some of the top professionals in our industry!

Not only are our Coaches experienced, working actors with TV & Film cred but our business and support staff are people oriented and believe in community and fostering creativity.

We are especially grateful to our Guest Instructors who are Industry Experts from around the country and graciously lend their time, talent and expertise to our students.

Here are some Guest Instructors who are currently working at AFK&T or will soon be on site!

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Ayanna Berkshire

Coach Kurt

Sean Parker

F. Tyler Burnet

Wendy Faraone