Meet Jude G.

When you aren’t hanging out at AFKT, what do you like to do? I like to play video games, hang out with friends and go swimming.

Who is your favorite movie actor or character in a tv show that you like to watch? and why? Ryan Reynolds, because he’s very talented and funny. He excels at every role that he plays.

What other interests or special talents do you have? I’m interested in parkour and learning how to play my new guitar.

What animal do you most relate to? and why? Frog. Because frog.

In two sentences, tell us about your best memory of all time. Getting to see my dog for the first time after waiting a year. This is a fond memory because he was super cute.

Coach/Staff Comments – Jude is kind, funny, and knows how to hit a punchline. His enthusiasm for acting is contagious and he is a great scene partner to his fellow actors.