Acting for Kids & Teens opens script submission
Earn up to $300 if your script is selected and filmed!

Script should be: 
Maximum 20 character limit
90% percent of characters need to be kids & teens
Each character must have a minimum of 3 lines
No more than 18 pages of script (less is better!)
Kid friendly: 8-18 years old
Professionally formatted
Include character breakdown
Pick your own theme

Chosen Scripts have the opportunity of:
Professional crew to film your script
Potential earnings of up to $300
Short film credit on IMBD
Potential submission to film festivals
Film will be premiered in Portland at a local theater.
Short film will run 12-15 minutes

Check out a sample of previous Make-A-Movies here

Include your contact information
Script in pdf format
Character breakdown

Thank you for any and all submission.  These movies are a great way for our students to be on a real movie set.  The scripts for these movies can be a work in progress based on the number of students who register.  If your script is chosen rewrites may be needed to accommodate cast.

Please submit script and questions to: