Kids Talking Kids Documentary

Sheila Hamilton, five-time Emmy Award winning journalist, speaker, author and founder of Beyond Well Media is teaming up with Acting for Kids and Teens to cast a special series she is producing on Kids talking to Kids. This is a very exciting project and we encourage you to spread the word!

Casting: All types of kids/teens encouraged to apply -NO EXPERIENCE NEC (casting all types of kids) Feel free to share with friends.
When: Likely 1-day in late May from 10am-2pm
Where: at renowned production studio Cinerent
Ages: 13-19yo (approx)
Rate: $100
Per Diem: Gas and hotel if needed.
Usage: at this time Kids Talking to Kids is slated for local air but may be pitched to streaming (contracts will reflect increase in pay if project is sold for national distribution).

Looking for kids/teens with a voice for 1-2 of the topics below and interested in being filmed having an open and honest conversation about their opinion with a moderator. They would only film for one or two of these subjects-not all. *Anyone chosen under 18 will be required to have parental consent.

Topics being discussed:
Gun violence
Racial concerns
Eco-concerns (financial impact on self/family)
Mental Health
LGBQT and gender identity

Self Tape Audition:
Dress as you would to show your particular style. We want to get an idea of how you represent yourself and what makes you feel great.

Directly to camera with good lighting and clean background/wall.

1) Frame-mid waist up and say your name (eg: Hi, I’m Katie O’Grady)

2) Give us a quick background of who you are, grade, and the area you live (eg: in the city Portland, suburbs of Medford, or in Hood River. NO ADDRESSES PLEASE!) We just want to get a variety of kids/teens across OR.

Please pick 1-2 of the topics listed and share 30s-1m of your opinion on video. ALL OPINIONS CONSIDERED.

*Be honest and open. We want to hear kids’ viewpoints, not what they think anyone wants to hear or what their parents want them to say. This is a groundbreaking conversation amongst kids/teens about the climate of THEIR world. We are excited to hear YOU share your heart. Be vulnerable, not “actory”. We understand the subject may be hard, do your best. Please only apply if you feel comfortable and ready to talk openly about 1-2 of these subjects.

Submit: Follow this link to upload your headshot and self tape audition.

Submission Due Date: April 17th at 2:00pm

Email us:
If you have any questions and be sure to add us on Instagram for follow-up information @actingforkids
Thank you!