Train @ Home

The coaches at Acting for Kids & Teens are working actors, combined they have over 75 years of experience.  Take some time to learn some what they do to get creative, work on their craft and have fun!

1. READ A PLAY OR SCRIPT – Some of our favorites:

Download this script analysis form

Breakfast Club (teen/adult)
Stand By Me
10 Things I Hate About You
The Royal Quest – Written & Directed by Coach Katie O’Grady!  Watch it HERE
Stranger Things – Watch along with Coach Kurt during his script analysis on-line class

The Witches

2. Creative Journaling

Coach Katie shares her way to journal:

  • Any journal or notebook will work. I like ones that I can decorate or that already make me feel inspirational.
  • Practice adding creative notes to it every day. This can be quotes you love, words you say or even dialogue, funny comments or phrases that make you smile.
  • Draw! Can’t draw? Draw anyway! This is just for you so draw like you’re Picasso. It’s just important to sit in your creativity no matter how experienced you are at it. Color the images or lines with colors you love. Explore what shapes connect together and how they form an image.
  • A creative journal is for your deepest thoughts, let them out.
  • Write letters to yourself and answer them. Dear Katie, I have so many questions that I wish I had the answers too…
  • Be mindful. Create a space for yourself where you can grab your creative journal and spend time with your artist’s spirit.

Some creative questions:

  • What did I see today that made me smile.? What did I see that made me sad?
  • What colors stood out to me today, what smells and textures?
  • Music that inspired me today.
  • Funniest thing I heard today. Saddest?
  • Where I want to be in 2, 5, 10 years
  • Goals? Bigger goals? Goals so big I would never say outloud? Ridiculous Goals?
  • Script ideas?

3. Record a Mock Self Tape Audition





Tips for successful self-tape auditions

4. Watch a classic Movie – Here are a few of our favorites

5. Practice Tongue Twisters

6. Create a mood board to help visualize your dreams and goals

Join Coach Katie as she shows you her 2021 mood board.  She shares her thoughts and ideas on how to create something that motivates you and keeps you working towards your goals!

7. Daydream

Let your mind wonder. Think about your senses, use them to really imagine & feel your thoughts. Look up at the sky and watch the clouds. What do you see?  Think about being on a beach or what warm rain feels like on your face.  Can you taste the salty air or imagine eating ice cream?  What do you hear?  Planes, birds, leaves rustling in the wind?  Take a huge breath through your nose.  What do you smell? Use this time to just let anything come to your mind, you never know your next big inspiration will just POP right in!  Recently Coach Sonya did an on-line sensory acting class.  Watch it here for more inspiration on how you can use your senses to create your character.

8. Use music to create a character

Coach Katie has a cool character creating idea that uses your favorite music.

9. Take acting classes

Acting for Kids and Teens offers weekly, on going acting classes and acting camps both in studio and online via Zoom.  Not sure where to start?  Take our QUIZ