Our Founder, Katie O’Grady, has been an award winning Actor, Director, Producer and Acting coach for over 20 years.  Her mission was to create a clear-easy to use on-line video series that anyone who is interested in learning to act for TV & Film could use.  Whether your child wants to become a professional working actor, or just wants to enjoy acting as a hobby, nurturing their passion for acting positively impacts their real-life skills. Katie’s warmth and encouragement will be with your kiddo for a lifetime.

Full Year of Training

Learn to Act for TV & Film

Become a confident & professional actor ready to take on ANY audition, at anytime. This online program teaches kids & teens effective techniques for both the art & business of acting - from the basics all the way to getting booked! This is an ENTIRE year of acting training. Includes Learn to Audition!

Pro Tips

Learn to Audition

Whether it’s your first time or 20th time, auditioning for casting directors is a scary ordeal and can feel overwhelming. In this course, Coach Katie O’Grady will show you how to train and fully prepare for every single audition – whether you’re submitting a video or walking into a room of casting directors.


Benefits of Coach Katie's On-Demand Video Acting Series


Putting oneself “out there” can be vulnerable and a little scary. Through these on-demand classes & our supportive community, kids naturally build self-esteem. They become better prepared for presentations and other real-life scenarios where they’re performing in front of a group. Being authentic is key!


No more feeling overwhelmed with how to get started or what next steps to take. With Katie’s guidance, you will be on your way. You will learn from a seasoned actor who has walked this road and is still being cast for TV/Film roles today, and who has been empowering kids for over a decade to show up in their voice.


Our practical video training includes exercises and scripts to play with, which will immerse your child into the art of acting, giving them everything they need to book a TV/Film audition and have more FUN! Acting should ALWAYS be about inviting your imagination to play and Katie will do just that!