Private Voiceover Sessions

voice over classes in Portland, Oregon

Voiceover actors lend their voices to audiobooks, movies, documentaries, film, commercials, video games, animated TV, multimedia and more. Advances in technology and a growing need have put voiceover actors in demand!

While voiceover actors can cross over into screen acting and vice versa, there are differences between the two crafts. Our professional Voiceover Coaches will guide you through the skills, vocabulary, tools and equipment that you’ll need to build a body of work and book voiceover gigs.

Sessions may include:

  • Finding your unique voice
  • Breaking down voiceover scripts
  • Properly delivering lines
  • Creating different characters
  • Warming up and taking care of your voice
  • Building confidence, resilience and a professional attitude
  • Reviewing best software and apps for voice over work
  • Recommendations for a recording studio
  • Coaching for demo reels or audition sides
  • Coaching for acquiring representation

Voiceover Sessions are $65/hour ($95 for taped and edited footage) and open year round. Coach Eric meets with actors locally at The Studio NW but also nationally/internationally with students via Skype or FaceTime. To reserve a session, please call 503.806.0909 or email [email protected].

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