Learn to Act for TV & Film
Train to be
A TV/Film

On Demand Video courses that teach your kid or teen everything they need to know to act for TV/Film. All courses taught by Emmy Award-Winning director, producer & actor Katie O’Grady

* Step-by-step practical training on the art & business of acting.

* For ages 7-20 years. All levels of experience welcome.

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Benefits of Our Acting Courses

Whether your child wants to become a professional working actor or just enjoys it as a hobby, nurturing their passion for acting positively impacts their real-life skills.


Putting oneself “out there” is vulnerable and frightening. Through acting & our supportive community, kids naturally build self-esteem and will be better prepared for presentations or any other real-life scenario where they’re performing in front of a group.


No more feeling overwhelmed with how to get started or what next steps to take. With Katie’s guidance, you will be learning from a seasoned actor who has walked this road and is still being cast for TV/Film roles today, and who has been empowering kids for over a decade to show up in their voice.


Our practical video training includes exercises and scripts to play with, which will immerse your child into the art of acting, giving them everything they need to book a TV/Film audition and have more FUN!