We are happy to share our strategy to keeping everyone healthy and happy. We will be following state and county guidelines
to ensure your safety:

Take Your Temperature

All students, visitors & coaches will have their temperature with a non-contact thermometer taken prior to entering the studio. Based on CDC/Oregon Health Authority, anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed to participate in the day’s activities and may not return to the studio for a minimum of 72 hours after the fever is gone. Students can take classes on-line in the interim.

Please download this additional waiver. WAIVER This waiver must be signed prior to attending activities at the studio. Please print and bring in the signed copy. Additionally you can email the signed copy to info@actingforkidsandteens.com

Wear a Face Covering/Mask

According to Oregon Health Authority cloth face coverings are effective for most non-medical uses, and they’re reusable and washable. All students and coaches are required to wear a mask.

Private Restroom!

All students will be asked to use the private restroom in the studio instead of the public restroom in the shared hallway.

Stay in Your Car!

To minimize contact parents please plan on remaining in your car for drop off and pick-up. A staff member or coach will monitor the lot for safety.

Lots of Cleaning!

We will be cleaning & sanitizing the studio before and after class.

Social Distancing Fun!

We are creating fun ways to maximize social distancing while getting the most out of class. We’d love to see some of your great ideas.